Liquid blend of mineral micronutrients: Boron (B), Molybdenum (Mo) and Zinc (Zn).

Water soluble fertiliser.

Crop gene activator for a perfect fruit set.

Fertilizer usable in Organic Agriculture according to UNE 142500 Standard.

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PROCUAJE RADICULAR is a  biotechnological product that stimulates the genes that influence the optimal development and evolution of the productive organs. PROCUAJE RADICULAR is a mixture of micronutrients that facilitates the activity of pollinating insects (bees and bumblebees).

The application of PROCUAJE RADICULAR results in large ovaries that are easy to fertilise. 


  • It causes a greater flow of raw sap in the plant that allows to accentuate photosynthesis and the formation of carbohydrates.
  • It has a direct effect on the increase of the sink effect in the floral ovary, causing the fertilisation of the flowers and their correct evolution towards the start of thickening.


  • Boron (B) water soluble:                   0.68% w/v         0.5% w/w
  • Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble:   0.34% w/v       0.25% w/w
  • Zinc (Zn) water soluble:                       1.71% w/v       1.25% w/w


  • pH: 3.
  • Density: 1.37 Kg/L.
  • Water soluble liquid.
  • Its formulation promotes the fertilisation of the flower.


PROCUAJE RADICULAR must be applied in the latter part of irrigation to avoid washout problems.

HORTICULTIVES: must be applied at the beginning of the appearance of the flowers. It should be repeated in regular applications, the frequency of which will depend on the need of the crop according to phenological state and climatic conditions.

CITRUS: must be applied after petal fall and before the problem of abscission, or at the beginning of abscission, stopping excessive fruit fall. Applications should be provided weekly and repeated until the fruits reach the appropriate size and the risk of “porga” disappears.

Good hydration of the crop, especially in times of excessive heat and risk of dry winds, will influence significantly at  the application´s result.


Radicular application:

  • From 15 to 20 L./ha. and application.

In horticultural crops and berries, the number of applications will vary between a maximum of twice a week and a minimum of once a month:

  • Crops that are at the beginning of the formation of the first female flowers. Dosage 15 L./ha.
  • Crops at 40% of their development. Dosage: 15-20 L./ha.
  • Crops at 80% of their development. Dosage: 15 L./ha. per application.

Other crops: Citrus, fruit trees, olive trees, subtropical: 12 to 24 L./ha. Repeat if necessary after 8-12 days lowering the dose to 25%.

Do not mix with acids or alkaline reaction products.

Phenological State

Flowering / Fruit setting, Stress situations


Berries, Cítricos, Fruit Trees, Hortalizas, Olive trees, Subtropical

Container Type

5 L, 20 L


Bad flower configuration / fruit set problems, Misconfiguration of fruits, Low production, Stress situations

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