At Edypro we offer different products related to biotechnology such as control biotechnology , to help you develop the maximum potential of your plants.

At Edypro we have the philosophy that it is better to anticipate agronomic difficulties than to correct them. Our products have shown that they have enormous potential to keep your plant in optimal conditions.

If you are looking for fertilization biotechnology you are in the right place. At Edypro we have a line of specific fertilizers with high assimilation in adverse conditions that provide optimal results in the field.

Well, we offer products like:

And much more.

What is Agricultural biotechnology?

First of all, it is important to know what agricultural biotechnology is to understand a little more what we do at EDYPRO .

Agricultural biotechnology comprises a variety of tools that scientists use to understand and manipulate the genetic makeup of organisms that will be used in the production of agricultural products.

Biotechnology for cultivation

Crop biotechnology is used to solve problems in all aspects of agricultural production and processing; including the process of genetically enhancing plants to improve resistance to pests, animals, and adverse abiotic conditions such as drought and cold; increase the nutritional content of foods, etc.

In this way, biotechnology for cultivation, that is, agricultural biotechnology, is used in order to create low-cost, disease-free planting material for crops.

Benefits of agricultural biotechnology

In this way, we can conclude that agricultural biotechnology brings with it various benefits such as:

  • An increase in crop yield. Superior performance. Through the process, a greater number of food is obtained for fewer resources, while reducing the number of crops that are lost due to pests or diseases.
  • Thanks to agricultural biotechnology, it is possible to reduce the number of pesticides that cause great environmental damage and diseases that damage our health.
  • An improvement in nutrition. Due to agricultural biotechnology, it is possible to introduce extra vitamins and proteins into food, reducing allergens and natural toxins.

Advantages of agricultural biotechnology

We are currently in the so-called “Biotechnological Era”; Do you know what it is based on? Very easy. Agricultural biotechnology is based on molecular genetics.

As we have already said before, biotechnology is any technological application that uses biological systems and living organisms or their derivatives for the creation or modification of products or processes for specific uses.

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