EDYPRO offers the keys to curb concerns about the fertiliser crisis

The world of agriculture is going through a delicate time, as the fertiliser market is suffering from a major shortage of products. In the same way that industries are forced to stop production due to the lack of microchips, the countryside is on alert due to the reduction in supply and a considerable rise in the prices of products that are so necessary for crop growth, such as fertilisers.

At EDYPRO, in view of this worrying situation for the agricultural sector, we want to contribute in the best possible way, offering keys to be able to continue with production despite this reduction in the supply of fertilisers. For this reason, yesterday, we offered a live presentation with biotechnological solutions to be able to continue production and maintain the productivity threshold with a lower contribution of fertilisers.

Our technical director, Vicente Puchol, presented a key biotechnological solution for growing better, smarter crops, with less fertiliser and maintaining profitability. This biotechnology makes it possible to control the quality of production and the volume of kilos harvested.

Our biotechnological solution COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus offers great results in these cases of reduced fertiliser use, something that EDYPRO has been able to verify thanks to the experiences within the framework of the European TOMRES project (co-financed by the EC). Here it was possible to see how, by reducing water and fertiliser inputs by 33%, with the application of the biotechnological products COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus and PROCUAJE RADICULAR, it is possible to maintain production and improve the commercial quality of the fruit, while helping to preserve the environment and reduce nitrate pollution in aquifers.

COUPÉ REGENERACION Plus contributes to the transformation of minerals provided with fertilisers into an assimilable form. Our biotechnological solution seeks a microbiological balance for optimal soil fertility. A plant that is better nourished is better hydrated, has less risk of stress and less risk of pests. It has been demonstrated, thanks to the TOMRES project, that in situations of reduced fertiliser supply, the regular application of COUPÉ REGENERACION Plus can maintain the peak of macro-element assimilation.

The application that we recommend from EDYPRO is: a first application at rooting or start of vegetative activity of 60 to 80 L/ha. and subsequent applications when the plant is in decline or in the fruit set and fattening phase, in the same quantity. In addition, an application every 20 days is recommended in order to achieve a constant evolution of the crop. As we mentioned in a previous paragraph, applying PROCUAJE RADICULAR, one of EDYPRO‘s leading products, has an effect on the fruit set process, reducing the negative effects of nutritional stress. PROCUAJE RADICULAR activates the genes related to the formation and configuration of the flowers and their fertilisation and, as a consequence, offers very satisfactory results for the grower.

In short, our manager Vicente Puchol encouraged farmers to continue fighting and cultivating and to work with biotechnology to keep the quality threshold in crops very high. He also invited them to achieve a reduction in the cost of each kilo harvested using COUPÉ REGENERACION Plus and RADICULAR PROCUAJE, based on the results obtained in the TOMRES project.

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