Results in pepper from our fattening products

The application of our biotechnological solutions for the perfect fattening in covered crops offers visible results from the first applications.

EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR activates the genes responsible for fattening and organoleptic quality of the fruit, enhancing the assimilation of potassium and activating the accumulation of metabolites in the fruits.

HORTIGROS accelerates the filling of the fruits and increases their density, consistency and weight; shortens plant internodes, increases sap flow at the top of the plant and gives more power to the crop.

The rapid performance of HORTIGROS is evident in these two examples of Italian and Lamuyo pepper crops, respectively.

In both cases, it can be observed how the plant and the fruits have gained brightness and consistency. And the fattening period has been noticeably shortened.

In the case of the Italian pepper, we can compare the evolution after two applications of HORTIGROS at 20 L/ha with an untreated control. It can be observed that, in the untreated area, the fruits are more backward and narrow. The treated part has more flowers and fruits, and these are fuller and better formed.

Regarding the Lamuyo pepper crop, the plant had been treated with PROCUAJE RADICULAR and EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR, for which it had already started to set efficiently. After two applications of HORTIGROS at 20 L/ha a very good behavior is observed in the fruits, they are uniform and have filled enough in just 15 days.


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