Results of the application of EDYFOS and PROCUAJE RADICULAR for pepper fruit set

The application of our biotechnological solutions for perfect fruit set provides visible results from the first applications.

This picture shows the pollen stamens of the pepper flower. The first picture was handled with other products. The plant in the second picture is a plant treated continuously with EDYFOS and PROCUAJE RADICULAR.

The differences are obvious: The stamen of the plant treated with other products contains hardly any pollen. As a result, the rennet is lost and parts of the plant are left without fruit, which in the Almeria area is known as stripes. The consequences of these problems will be a loss of production and, consequently, a loss of income.

On the other hand, the stamen of the plant treated with EDYPRO biotechnological solutions has abundant pollen and the flower is wide open. As a result, fruit set will be easy and will result in well-shaped, high-quality fruit.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by EDYPRO biotechnology to achieve the maximum production that your crop can give.

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