Day in Pavia (Italy), a rice and soya-producing area

The importance of good land and crop care is essential in any part of the world. Specifically, soya and rice crops have special characteristics and at EDYPRO we offer a specific variety of biotechnological products for these crops.

For this reason, the technical team of EDYPRO Biotechnology has travelled to Italy, specifically to Pavia, to a rice and soybean producing area to show its distributors and potential distributors the potential of our products EDYFRUIT ARROZ, COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus, SOJA CUAJE and SOJA ENGORDE, showing results after the application of our biotechnology.

The Pavia area has light, sandy soils with difficulty in retaining nutrients and water. To have a good production, farmers need very active soils, with a high level of cation exchange, free of pathogens that allow good hydration and nourishment of the plant. In this sense, at EDYPRO we recommend COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus, designed to recover the soil’s own microbial flora, increasing cation exchange capacity and nutrient assimilation potential.

Soil regenerated by COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus improves the physical structure of the soil.

In this case, we saw crops treated with COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus with greater vigour, greater density of ears per m2, longer and more robust ears. At the same time, we noticed less fungus spots on the part treated with COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus, which confirms that better nourished plants have more active self-defences.

On the other hand, EDYFRUIT ARROZ activates the productive factors of the rice plant in order to achieve its maximum productive potential within the circumstances of the farm, climate, etc. The effect provided by EDYFRUIT ARROZ allows to have a plant with more healthy and active roots, a higher number of offspring per plant, a higher number of grains per ear and to maintain the staygreen, reaching the plant at the end of the cycle with a mature ear and a green plant, thus increasing the quality of the grains.

On the plots visited, we noticed the difference in the density of the ears per m2 and their length, which is a predictor of higher yields.

Soybean cultivation gives significant advantages in the case of rotation with rice, enriching the soil with nitrogen and increasing its fertility.

Soybean needs special conditions and treatments to maximise its productivity. It is a crop whose productivity depends on the number of fertilised flowers and the thickening of the pods. For this reason, with the application of SOJA CUAJE, the genes that influence the formation and fertilisation of the flowers are activated, and with SOJA ENGORDE, the genes responsible for the accumulation of reserves in the beans are activated, which allows the maximum specific weight of the beans to be achieved, making the process of thickening and ripening of the pods uniform.

In the parts treated with these two biotechnological products, we have noticed a greater number of pods per joint and per plant. Likewise, when shelling the ripe pods, we could see that in the part treated with SOJA CUAJE and twice with SOJA ENGORDE the beans are very uniform, larger in size and have a perfect morphological configuration.

Our customers who accompanied us on this day have shown their great satisfaction with the results we were able to see in the fields we visited.

EDYPRO biotechnology allows maximum productivity of crops, improving grain quality and production.








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