Vegetative growth regulator product.

Amino acids N 5,2.

residuo cero

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PRO-CONTROL is a product made with a special combination of amino acids in the form assimilable to the crop.

The application of PRO-CONTROL provides a special balance between the vital and growing nutritional functions that allow you to adequately conclude the crop cycle.



  • Regulator of vegetative development without hormones.
  • Regulates the elongation of the stem during the tillering phase until the beginning of the embarrassment.


  • Total Nitrigen (N)            3,8% w/v         3,5% w/w
  • Ureic Nitrogen                  3,8% w/v         3,5% w/w
  • Potassium Oxide (K2O)  4,4% w/v         4% w/w


  • pH: 4.5
  • Density 1.1 kg / L
  • Water soluble liquid
  • Product suitable for production in Non-Residue Agriculture and Integrated Production.


PRO-CONTROL is specially designed to be applied via foliar.

PRO-CONTROL can be applied from the beginnig of the crop cycle creating a nutritional and functional improvement thereof.


Apply 0.75 L./ha in each application.

Perform maximum 3 applications per crop cycle.

(If needed you can increase the number of applications, with a maximum of 2 times a month, alternating with other products, for example, BOTCAR)


Rice, Grain, Cítricos, Fruit Trees, Hortalizas, Ornamental plants, Subtropical

Phenological State

Stress situations


Nutritional imbalances, Low production

Container Type

1 L, 5 L

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