EDYPRO biotechnology, specialists in the cultivation of rice, tells you how to increase the performance and the production in the cultivation of rice with biotechnology.

EDYPRO has designed a set of specific products for the cultivation of rice, which harmonized among themselves, help to achieve a desired production.


On cultivation of rice farms, there may be three parallel situations:


-High ceiling and productive performance plots

-Plots of average production or with regular results

-Plots of low productivity caused by different factors


By EDYPRO biotechnology and explores the production of rice in Precision Agriculture (PAAP) program, and each situation works for:

-That the regular plots will become high production plots

-That the plots of low production or little viable, will become normal production of continuous mode


From EDYPRO, we work on the key factors of success.

Los productos biotecnologícos de EDYPRO para el cultivo de arroz

The 1st – with COUPÈ REGENERATION Plus, re-enable the crop soil. It improves the physical structure of the soil, increasing its oxygenation and its drainage, and therefore , get a better development and growth of the plant and the end result is a active and healthy soil capable of contributing to the plant needed for its growth, keeping the plants with long life and healthy.

COUPÈ REGENERATION Plus it is recommended to use applied before flooding lands in salinas, with difficulties of assimilation of nutrients, with difficulties of decomposition of rice straw and resulting emergence of physiological disorders and other problems.


The 2nd – with ROOT RICE, we activate the germination of the seeds, the roots of the plant and uniform the birth of crops, shortening the time of germination and rooted plant, favoring the seed in adverse weather conditions.

It is a very effective Enhancer of EDYFRUIT ARROZ to forming an ideal base for the productive factors of the plants stimulate.


3rd – with EDYFRUIT ARROZ stimulate productive factors of the plant genome that manages to improve the plant operation of the plants to increase production and quality. It improves, increases and standardizes fertilization of the grains of the Spike, increasing the percentage and weight of whole grains. It shortens the phenological State of fertilization to maturity, attaining anticipated harvest.

It is a very effective enhancer of EDYFRUIT ARROZ by forming an ideal opportunity for productive factors are stimulated plant base.


4th – with MELASTOP, which is a penetrating, wetting, dispersing and Enhancer of foliar treatments, get reduce drops, lowering the surface tension of the water used in the plant protection treatments. In this way, the leaf of the plant absorbs better and in greater numbers, the active principles of the treatments applied.



EDYFRUIT ARROZ is composed of natural substances that balance the vegetative development avoiding inappropriate behaviors in the development and inducing fertilization and accumulation of reserves in the ear during the development.

EDYFRUIT ARROZ increases fertilization of beads on the Spike, increasing the percentage of whole grains and its consequent consistency and weight.

This achieves an increase in performance and production of the crop, anticipating the harvest and obtaining remarkable physiological improvements in cultivation.

These improvements were demonstrated by EDYPRO by participating in the rice field Conference organised by IRTA.

These conferences gather important actors of the rice sector with participants from various Mediterranean countries.

EDYPRO presented the experience of application of its EDYFRUIT ARROZ producto-estrella, applied to optimal date limit, to show the differences in the evolution of plants treated in time optimal (3-4 true leaves) and those that have been treated in the godson.

The results are, that even applied the product later recommended dates (25 days after the time optimal,) the treated plants have had a significant increase of number of grains per Spike, with greater consistency and weight than the untreated.



It is designed to stimulate the germination of seeds and motivate the development of plants in the first phenological stages. It is a very effective Enhancer of EDYFRUIT ARROZ that forms an ideal base for the productive factors of the plants stimulate.

It belongs to a new generation of specific nutrintes that activates the germination of the seeds, the roots of the plant and uniform the birth of the crop.

Specially designed to standardise and harmonise the germination of the seeds, shortens the time of germination and rooted plant, obtaining better resistance of the plant.

The application of ROOT RICE helps germination in adverse weather conditions caused by lack of temperature and other unfavorable climatic conditions, as for example the lack of light.

RICE ROOT fixes nitrogen, increasing the performance of rice production in a direct way.

It can be directly applied on the seed as seed “treatment” ahead of a few weeks at the date of planting, maximum 8 weeks (being more effective when next is to the sowing date), or also in the water of pre-germinado seed, applying 1 L of ROOT RICE for each 100 kg. seed intended for pre-germinar, waving and leaving to soak 24 hours.

After 9 days of rice planting, plants treated with ROOT RICE you can see a well-developed root system, with 3-4-5 roots and very absorbent hair. This ensures an optimal establishment of plants, increasing its strength and consistency. 

In very little time from your application in rice planting, the number of plants introduced in the plot applied increase, being numbers much greater areas not treated, what plants are most advanced in their development.




Application of ROOT RICE on rice seed, can be done in two ways:

1 – Dry seed: applied directly to the seed as seed “treatment” ahead a few weeks from the date of planting, maximum of 8 weeks (being more effective when next is to the sowing date). Applies through countless prepared with broadcasters nozzles on the seed. The good smeared seed is very important.


2 – Pre-germinado seed: applied in water of pre-germinado (prevents excess water which decreases efficiency).

For this it is necessary:

-Prepare the necessary water for soaking seeds

-Apply 1 litre of ROOT RICE per 100 kg of seed that go to pregerminar

-Shake to your complete homogenization before seed soaking, if it is possible to equip the recirculation pump container

-Add the seed and let it soak 24 hours (optimum and maximum soak time)


In any case they must overcome 24 hours. In case of arise any unforeseen and not to sow the seeds within 24 hours, it is essential to soak with circulating water (irrigation ditch, duct); never in standing or with products water to activate germination.


You can see more screenshots with the results of the applications of these products in the following link from our blog:

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