Impressive flowering in strawberries in France despite cold and continuous rains

France is one of the countries where local fruit production of high quality is most valued.

Therefore, farmers highly value the improvements in production and quality of the fruits, which are achieved with the crop management using the biotechnology of EDYPRO.

We are around Tarascon (France) where most of the early strawberries are produced, with a farmer who seeks maximum production and quality and highly values the possibility of advancing the start of harvesting.

With these objectives we have programmed a plan of foliar and radicular treatments that help the crop to maximize its productive potential by:

  • increasing the capacity of daily photosynthesis,
  • achieving that the flowers formed are transformed into well-configured fruits, and
  • shortening the period of fattening and ripening of the fruits.

10 days after the transplantation, the plant had a weak root system and no new roots developed, so we have started with radicular treatments to achieve a good rooting and with a strong and good root system to generate enough reserves in the plant to obtain the harvest desired.

The treatment plan has been carried out very rigorously and thus we have seen a strong, healthy plant with flowers properly configured without problems in its fertilization and subsequent thickening of fruits. You can see it in the following images taken last January 26th.

Next, we show the change that the strawberries of Garigueta (smaller and elongated fruits) and Clery varieties (large size fruit, sensitive to Botritys) that have been grown in bags of coconut fiber with heating.


Garigueta Variety.

They are applying PROCUAJE RADICULAR and the flowering is good

Despite the difficult climatic conditions of the winter the fruits are being formed with a perfect configuration and the fertilization of these is being very complete. Thanks to the action of PROCUAJE RADICULAR.

The rhythm of the crop is slow due to the climatic factor, but the number of fruits in the thickening phase is very high.

Clery Variety

This variety goes slower.

The number of flowers per plant is lower than in another variety, but the size of the ovaries is larger and the fruit will end up being bigger.

The plants are very healthy, and despite being a very sensitive to Botritys, the biotechnological treatments have provided to the plant a balance and a vital force that allows it to follow the life cycle without being attacked by fungi at this time despite cold and rain.


We will inform you about the evolution of the crop and the results obtained.

If you want to improve your production of strawberries, contact us.

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