Regulate the vegetative development of the plant


The productive potential of the plant is related to its vegetative state. To produce more the plant needs a correct and well developed vegetative mass.

At the same time, there are frequent cases when because of climate, nutritional imbalances or stimulation with amino acids or hormonal products, the plant takes a vegetative unproductive and behavior.

In the following photos, you can see the difference between plants with vegetative behavior (due to excessive temperatures) and aimed at producing plants.

You can appreciate that the plant with excess of vigor grows without flowering, what diminishes its productive potential.



In these situations, we recommend our clients to act as follows:

1st apply PRO-CONTROL to 2,5 L./ha. by foliar way to regulate of natural way and without hormones the vegetative development of the plants.

2nd apply PROCUAJE RADICULAR at impact doses 20 L./ha. and thus, induce the plant to form well-configured flowers with a high level of fertile pollen, which will become valid fruits.

The weekly applications of PROCUAJE RADICULAR will help the plant to maintain a high rate of daily photosynthesis to carry out the fertilized fruits and continue to throw fertile flowers throughout the growing cycle.

Take advantage of our biotechnology solutions to get maximum production in your crop.

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