Interview with Miguel García, agricultural technician of BAYDO S.L.

Miguel García BAYDO suministros agrícolas

Once again, at EDYPRO we are interested in the opinion of our customers. In this case, we contacted Miguel García Tarifa, an agricultural technical engineer who has been working at BAYDO S.L., EDYPRO Biotechnology distributor, for 4 years. This is an agricultural supply company located in Campohermoso (Almeria) with a warehouse where they offer seeds, machinery, fertilisers, phytosanitary products, agricultural hardware and greenhouse plastics. In addition, BAYDO S.L. has fertiliser for vegetables and olive trees, agricultural and gardening tools, soil disinfectants, rodenticides, among others.

  • How long has BAYDO S.L. been working with EDYPRO products?

I know that the company has been using EDYPRO biotechnology for 12 years now.

  • Which EDYPRO products do your farmers use the most?


  • What technical qualities stand out in EDYPRO solutions that other biotech products on the market do not have?

The benefits they bring to farmland, as they are Zero Waste products.

  • What improvements are seen in the fruit after handling with EDYPRO biotechnology?

Our customers assure us that their crops achieve natural growth and ripening.

  • Any special cases where an EDYPRO treatment has saved or substantially changed the outcome of a crop?

Yes, specifically a tomato crop that was difficult to improve. The plant was very heavy with fruit, but was not responding correctly to other hormone treatments, as it was not improving and had a pale colour.
By using EDYPRO biotechnology we noticed a great improvement in rooting and later on the fruit got the right thickness and the harvest improved considerably.

  • What do you consider to be EDYPRO’s star product?

Without a doubt, COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus, because I have found that it has saved many farmers from complicated situations, especially in terms of rooting and fattening.

  • For you EDYPRO is synonymous with…?

Plant health.

  • What added value does EDYPRO offer BAYDO S.L. customers?

These are products that are well known to our growers who need an added value in crop management, especially at critical times of rooting, fruit set, fattening or attacks by pests and diseases.

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