Interview with Cristóbal Pérez, from Cerrillo y Pérez S.L. for its 25th anniversary.

Cristóbal Pérez Ibáñez is a partner and head of the technical department of Cerrilo y Pérez S.L., an agricultural supplies company located in El Ejido (Almería) which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In 1996, a couple of friends decided to embark on a business adventure that would lead them to progress in their work, dedicating themselves to what they like most, agriculture and customer service.

A few weeks ago they moved their headquarters to a new, larger warehouse, with enough space to store the necessary quantities to respond immediately to their customers’ demands. In addition, the new warehouse has a large car park, thus offering a better service to the farmers who have placed their trust in Cerrillo y Pérez S.L.


  • What were the beginnings of your company like and what motivated you to start it?

The company was set up by two friends with the intention of being able to work as self-employed and independent.

We were both employed by different companies and we were given the opportunity to set up on our own, in a business in which we both already had several years of experience, me as a field technician and my partner as an organiser and manager of a supply warehouse.

  • What milestones would you highlight in your career? What have been your biggest challenges?

The first challenge was to make the company profitable and to survive in a business with very high competition.

I would highlight three important milestones in our trajectory: the first was leaving the Navasa group to join a new group of companies that was formed in Almeria with the fertiliser multinational, then Hydro, now YARA, which was called Alborán Agrícola.

The second was when, years later, this group broke up and we decided not to rejoin other collaboration groups. As a consequence of this fact, which was very relevant in the area, we managed to keep YARA as our supplier of liquid and solid fertilisers.

Thirdly, when we started collaborating with EDYPRO. We had already known Vicente Puchol for some years and we told him about our situation, that we were looking for a line of products that would complement our fertilisation. At that moment, we set ourselves, perhaps, the greatest challenge of the company, together with EDYPRO: to get to know the product range in depth, to make them known to farmers and to obtain the best recommendations for each crop and at each moment, and thus achieve agronomic results with our customers that would give us the basis for consolidation in our sector.

  • How long have you been working with EDYPRO and how do you think our company has contributed to the trajectory of your company?

If I remember correctly, we have been working with EDYPRO since 2011 or 2012.

EDYPRO has been a key piece in our company, from the first day we started collaborating we have seen the results. Vicente’s good advice and the quality and efficiency of EDYPRO‘s products have helped us to be better as a technical advice and service company.


  • What is your assessment of these years of history?

When I look back at the beginnings of our company and compare them with the current situation, I find it hard to believe that we have reached where we are and that we have the market share we have.

The balance, without a doubt, is very positive. Let’s hope that we can continue along these lines.

  • What values or differentiating factors have led you to be where you are?

In my opinion, I would say it is due to our sincere dealings with farmers, because we offer them a good technical service, always prioritising the agronomic interest of their crops and a fast, quality service.

  • What are your short-medium term objectives?

To be a benchmark company in the area with farmers who are highly satisfied with the service provided.

And to consolidate our EDYPRO and YARA brands.

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