EDYPRO invests €23,000 in R+D+i to improve production processes

  • The bulk of this investment has been allocated to the acquisition of a new autoclave (or steam sterilizer) that will allow the development of new biotechnological solutions.
  • The company has launched three new products during 2020

The company for the study, development and production of biotechnological fertilizers EDYPRO has made an investment of €23.460 in its R+D+i department. The bulk of this outlay has been earmarked for the purchase of a last generation autoclave that improves the production process of manufacture, since it reduces the preparation time of the formulas and offers more reliable results.

The purpose of this investment and the acquisition of new equipment are to increase production capacity by 10% this year. The company has produced more than 490 tons of biotechnological products during 2020, a figure that it seeks to increase in 2021 to continue offering anticipated production and have stock to speed up service to customers.

Despite the difficulties posed by the health crisis, EDYPRO launched three new products in 2020:

FECUNDATOR is a powerful new generation biotechnological product with the capacity to intervene in the fertilization of flowers and a precursor of post-fertilization floral differentiation in citrus, fruit trees and olive groves. It is suitable for use in organic farming and agriculture without residues. So far the farmers who have used it have shown excellent satisfaction because the results have been better than predicted. The product has influenced the formation and optimal morphological configuration of the fruit; resulting in excellent quality harvests.

MAX QUALITY is a new hormone-free solution for early fattening that increases the supply and accumulation of metabolites/carbohydrates in the fruit through daily photosynthesis. Its most outstanding point is the magnificent response that has been obtained in early applications, that is in varieties that do not require fruit set treatments. It can be applied from 80% of fallen petals and, its repetition after 15 days, offers a spectacular result in terms of size increase and standard, even in complex varieties such as Tango. It improves the quality of the fruits in terms of early size, quantity of juice, density, and firmness, achieving an optimal skin thickness and a Premium final quality. Its use is recommended in citrus, fruit trees and olive groves.

Finally, during June HORTIGROS was launched on the market, a new generation product designed to increase the weight, density and uniformity of the fruits. Its specific formulation gives it a fast assimilation in vegetable, berry and woody crops. Its application at the beginning of autumn in the covered crops of Almería has generated a great advantage for farmers due to its rapid response and low application rates.

In addition, with the aim of providing farmers and technicians with adequate training to bring the crops to fruition and achieve the highest quality non-residues fruits, EDYPRO launched the “EDYPRO Classroom” at the beginning of 2020. It is an audiovisual training project given by the entity’s Technical Director, Vicente Puchol. The activity has consisted on 11 sessions from which the knowledge that the company has acquired in its 25 years of experience in the technical advice of crops has been contributed.

As explained by the Manager and Technical Director of EDYPRO, Vicente Puchol, “it is a tool to advise the farmer in a more direct way in the management of the key success factors in crops with the use of biotechnology to obtain optimal production”.

2021, a special year

The year that begins will be especially significant for EDYPRO since in 2021 the firm will celebrate its 25th anniversary. With the motto ‘Research for the agriculture of the future’, the company has designed an activity plan with the aim of thanking employees, customers and collaborators for their work and support, as well as publicizing its trajectory and the impact of its solutions biotechnology in the agri-food sector.

Also planned for this year are the launch of three new products, which are currently in the testing phase, and the signing of strategic agreements that will allow them to make their way into new international markets.

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