We participate in the most important international rice sector conferences.

In the last month, important international meetings have been held on rice cultivation.

In order to keep up to date with the most important developments in the rice sector, EDYPRO has participated in the latest conferences on this crop held in Spain and Italy.

On 25 August, the 27th Rice Field Conference of the Institute of Agri-Food Research and Technology (IRTA) took place, an event that aims to transfer and disseminate practical information to the production sector and, at the same time, to exchange experiences and opinions that may be useful for improving the sustainability of the crop on farms. There we were able to learn about the new rice varieties and the latest precision studies on the use of fertilisers.

One of the most interesting presentations, from our point of view, was the trial of production with different types of irrigation with the aim of saving irrigation water applied to each crop. Due to the difficulties that the sector is going through, which has left large areas uncultivated, both in Spain and in Italy and Portugal, due to water shortages, water management in rice fields is an essential aspect. The results of these field experiences will be presented at the Rice Technical Conference organised by IRTA in February 2023, which we are looking forward to with great interest.

In the last week, several conferences have been held in Italy where new varieties and the latest technological innovations have been presented, such as BASF’s Provisia technology or RiceTec and ADAMA’s FullPage cultivation solution (the latter at the SAPISE Open Day).

Representatives of IRTA, IVACE and COPSEMAR in SAPISE OPEN DAY

We were also present, as a biotechnology partner, at the IRES (Italian Rice Experiment Station) conference. At the event, new varieties were presented and experiences were shared in the application of seed treatments to optimise the use of fertilisers and the quantity of seeds in terms of kilograms per hectare for optimum production. The results of this research will be available soon. In addition, we offered a seafood paella for the producers and technicians from all over Europe who attended the event.

Seafood paella sharing


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