EDYPRO develops a biotechnological solution that increases the crop’s self-defences in all its vital stages.

  • With the name INMUNE, this new development increases the power of the crop, improves production, the quality of the fruit and extends the useful life of the plant.
  • The solution is being introduced in crops in Almeria and Valencia with very positive results

EDYPRO, a company that studies, develops and produces biotechnological fertilisers, has developed a biotechnological solution that increases the crop’s self-defence at all phenological stages.

INMUNE increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the primary energy carrier molecule in the plant. As a result, visible improvements are observed throughout all life stages of the crop;

  • During plant development, the plant appears more relaxed, with larger and more upright leaves. The stomatal opening is intensified, which consequently increases daily photosynthesis and leads to more energy generation.
  • The fruits are uniformly formed and fattened without deformation, the stalks are thick with a deep green head.
  • In the final phase of cultivation, the plant ages much less, which extends the productive life of the plant and improves the quality of the last fruits.

It also protects the crop from abiotic stress and prevents it from being affected by factors such as the weather or the intensity of the sun’s rays. By acting directly on the immune system, the plant is prepared and protected before an unfavourable situation arises, thus saving energy to be used for its productive functions.

The changes we are experiencing in terms of resource availability and climate change demand increasingly precise crop management,” explains Vicente Puchol, manager and technical director of EDYPRO, –and thanks to biotechnological research we have very good tools to predict alterations in the physiological evolution of crops that allow us to work a crop in an optimal way and achieve better yields.  Understanding the immune system of plants and knowing how to influence it will be key to achieving good results in the near future of agriculture,” he says.

This new development is being demonstrated in Almeria and Valencia on different crops. During this initial introduction period, it has been observed that with two or three applications at 20 litres/ha, spaced 6-7 days apart, the effects of INMUNE are evident in the crop and last for up to six weeks. Furthermore, in the following crop cycle, where the product has been applied, the new plants continue to show a functional improvement.


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