EDYPRO beginings

Vicente Puchol, founder, manager and technical director of EDYPRO, remembers how incredibly happy he was in his childhood when it came to go with his father to the field. Whenever he could, during weekends, vacation and his free time, he helped him with his crops. It is by then when we find the roots of his love for agriculture and agronomic management that would materialize in EDYPRO some years later.

“I loved accompanying my father to work in the fields, because I felt like ‘the grown-ups ’, as well as fulfilled. I saw myself capable of doing useful things, experiment and being creative”.

It is just that Vicente Puchol, since he was a child, had a sight beyond the surface. He liked to know the reason of everything; he was a curious, creative and imaginative little boy who always wanted to go further than ordinary people.

“Once I prepared a little land that I had, I made its furrows and I made it perfect for planting. I planted ‘pesetas’ (old Spanish coin) and I got very angry when, after a while, I realized that nothing was growing”.

He himself tells us the story in this video:

Naturally, when it was time to go to university, he decided to study agronomy and specialize in plant physiology. At the end of his degree, he worked for a few years as a Commercial Technical Delegate for a firm. And without looking for it, that passion he felt for his work flourished, but it did so by sowing concerns in his thoughts.

“I realized that in precision agriculture there were no valid and powerful tools developed to get crops to function in optimal conditions, without being affected by intrinsic and extrinsic factors to achieve excellent crops as a purpose.”

He decided that he would remedy this deficiency himself. And he did so having to face many difficulties, since his surrounding  saw no future for the project. “People close to me questioned me round-the-clock, they did not know my abilities; but I was determined to achieve it”.

Despite everything, Vicente Puchol did not give up his efforts and by 1996 he opened up EDYPRO. In a small family property he researched, developed, produced, labeled and packaged his products. And right there, among those close to him, he showed all those who did not believe in him how wrong they were.

“When I was developing a new product I would visit my father and offer it to him to test it on his crops. He didn’t tell me if it was going well for him, but after a while he asked me if I had more of that product and how much more I had”.

The beginnings were not exempt from great sacrifices. “I went ahead with my own economy, without credit banks. I always reinvested the 100% of the profits in the company, I worked a lot, I had no commercials and I had to do all the management by myself. That’s when I understood that passion and tenacity are essential to undertake projects”.

This is how EDYPRO grew and became consolidated. And along the way, a lot of work visiting fields, analyzing agronomic problems, looking for the origin of the causes, proposing solutions, offering training conferences for technicians and farmers… 25 years as a whole in which, to the recognition of customers by the well done done, the satisfaction of being someone they trust to solve their problems and achieve Premium crops is added.

For the next 25 years, Vicente Puchol wishes to continue researching, innovating and working to add value. “Feeding humanity without wasting and improving the quality of health is not an easy task. EDYPRO will continue investigating to solve the difficulties of the crops and respond to the market demands”.

What is his motivation? Outdo himself every day. “I have already achieved many things, but I can do them better.”

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