EDYPRO invests more than €100,000 in its manufacturing department

  • Among the improvements made during 2021 is the acquisition of a new reactor.

The biotechnological fertiliser research, development and production company, EDYPRO, has invested more than 100,000 euros in its manufacturing department. Among the improvements that have been made, the acquisition of new production equipment with extensive precision functionalities stands out. This has increased the production capacity at this point by 2.5 times, as it allows a higher volume to be manufactured with maximum precision.

In this way, it is able to respond to the growing demand it has been experiencing in recent years in the markets in which the company is present.

The precision of this new equipment will allow a very refined and exhaustive control of the processes, to further raise the quality standard of the finished biotechnological product.

In addition, several pieces of equipment have been installed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the manufacturing machines.

As Vicente Puchol, the company’s manager and technical director, explains, this investment allows “optimising resources, producing new value-added products and implementing new processes”.

In terms of interaction with customers and markets, the company has achieved important synergies between distributors and between producers, generating through various events points of fusion and collaboration that are very gratifying for agricultural producers.

In 2021, the company has had an increase in production of more than 25% compared to the previous year.

It has also introduced a new product that is in the demonstration applications phase and has improved 4 products in its catalogue, as well as continuing with research projects for the culmination of the development of a new line of products.


Challenges for 2022.

As for the raw materials crisis that is affecting the entire industry, EDYPRO has managed to deal with this problem without affecting its production “thanks to sales forecasts and advanced manufacturing planning,” explains Puchol. This forecast will continue into 2022, so they expect to be able to weather possible periods of material shortages.

In the international arena, the strategic relationship established in the Italian market will allow us to gain a stronger foothold in this country, whose agriculture values and needs EDYPRO biotechnology for its development. At the same time, some Central American markets are very enthusiastic about the company’s products and very eager to make rapid progress and reap success in their crops.


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