Solution to the problem of saline water


Water is one of the most important resources for intensive agriculture, and on its quality, depends the production and economic profitability of farms.

And when we have only water with high salinity, the farmer should give up?

EDYPRO biotechnology has specific solutions that can help minimize the negative impact of salinity in the culture, preventing sodium ion get fixed to anions of the soil, releasing the clay-humic complex of toxic salts.

Last October 17th in the Campo de Níjar area we have visited a greenhouse of cucumbers being watered with very salty water with more than 4 gr. / L. and for excessive irrigation plan the bulbs have been flooded.

In the following photos, you can see how some plants were already decaying by excessive water and having a root system burnt of salts and asphyxiated.


In EDYPRO on the field visits make treatment recommendations considering two main goals:

  1. Fix the problem that manifests the culture, in this case the difficult vegetative development given the problem with water
  2. Improving the production and quality in order to increase the profitability of agricultural company.

In this case, we have recommended:


On the next visit four days of the first one, on October 21, we have seen a significant improvement in the state of the plants, which have begun to regain vigor and have a lot of very good fruits.

To keep pace with production the farmer will continue to apply every week:

If you have a problem in functioning of your crop, please contact us and our Technical Department will provide to you personalized and specific recommendations.

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