Soil salinity and lack of calcium in tomato crops

In this tomato crop the farmer was carrying out his fertilization program. Observing that the fruits decreased the growth and development rate, he decided to increase the concentration of fertilizers in the irrigation water.

Due to this increase, the mineral salts present in these fertilizers went to a primary form and blocked the soil. As a consequence, the plant significantly reduced its ability to assimilate nutrients and this resulted in a pronounced deficit of elements.

In this specific case, the plant was mainly affected by a pronounced lack of calcium that caused a decrease in the quantity of fruits with commercial quality.

From EDYPRO we proposed a specific plan to solve these two problems:

First, apply COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus. Just two applications are enough to unblock the soil and transform the minerals to make them assimilable.

Then, apply FER CALCIUM. The rapid assimilation of this solution compensates for calcium deficiencies. In this way the losses of fruits by “the peseta” are reduced.

If you have any questions regarding this specific program to solve the blockage of the soil, so it better assimilates the nutrients, and to offer a quick supply of calcium, you can consult us at this link.

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