ROOT SEDD in Verona


We are pleased to share with you the extraordinary results of one of our customers from the province of Verona (Italy) in the application of our product ROOT SEED in their corn seeds.

As we can see in the photo, the comparation between the root of the control plant and the root of the plant treated with ROOT SEED is incredible!

We see that in only 8 days of planting, the treated plant has developed a root system with a very high level of absorbent hairs and already it is noticed that the treated plant is more advanced, having a leaf more in the average of plants of the plots.

ROOT SEED is a special product to stimulate seed germination of cereals: maize, barley, wheat, oats, triticale, etc. It belongs to a new generation of specific nutrients, for the seed without residues.

 The advantages of ROOT SEED are:

  • It standardizes and uniforms the germination of cereal seeds.
  • It shortens the time of germination and rooting of the same ones.
  • Avoid birth and lack of rooting
  • It helps germination in adverse climatic conditions.

That is why the application of ROOT SEED is essential in the PRECISION AGRICULTURE of the present and future.

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