Recovery Of Intoxicated Trees


In late July we found a farm of hybrid variety Nova with trees´ development problem, that because of intoxication had severely strained the immune system and directly affected cell division, inhibiting the development of tissues and leaving a dwarf tree, hardened and with great difficulties in carrying out normally its phenological stages.

In the following images you can see how concerning we have found the trees before starting biotechnological treatments.


After a thorough study and analysis of the situation our Technical Department has developed a plan of radicular activities with EDYFOS, COUPE REGENERACIÓN Plus and ORGANOVITAL Plus and specific plan of foliar treatments to retrieve cell subdivision, activate the vegetative growth and achieve a significant sprouting on which the next harvest will be formed, caring and fattening the fruits of this harvest.

These biotech treatments have been carried out very rigorously and here we can see the result: the trees in the treated part have new steams and the fruits are thickening correctly.

The prognosis of the evolution is very good, cell division leads the right rhythm and in October the trees will already have enough leaves and new stems to save the trees and the next year´s harvest.

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