Fertilizer with Amino Acids NK (Mg) 6.8-3.2 (2) with Micronutrients

Water soluble fertilizer

Enhancer of crop activity

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ORGANOVITAL PLUS is a stimulant with nutritional capacity, which acts by enhancing the activity of the crop. Its perfect combination of amino acids, organic matter and nutritional elements makes it an effective product that foresees the deficiencies of these macro and micro-elements and facilitates the assimilation of all the fertilizers, unblocking the mineral compounds.

The main effect that ORGANOVITAL PLUS produces in crops is its rapid vital regeneration, stimulating the powerful foliar and root development and improving their activity.


  • Easy to apply with irrigation water.
  • Rapid response of the plant, resulting in a powerful development of the root and foliar system.
  • Anti-stress and invigorating action.
  • Rooting and recuperating effect of the roots.
  • Increases the effectiveness of conventional fertilizers by optimizing their contributions.

ORGANOVITAL PLUS stimulates vegetative development causing balanced and permanent growth. Its use is recommended throughout the vegetative cycle, as a support measure (transplantation, flowering, maturation…) or to recover crops from adverse situations (frosts, droughts, pests …).


  • Free amino acids:                                          3.9 % w/v        3.0 % w/w
  • Total nitrogen:                                               8.9 % w/v        6.8 % w/w
  • Organic Nitrogen:                                          1.9 % w/v        1.5 % w/w
  • Urea Nitrogen:                                               4.9 % w/v        3.8 % w/w
  • Amoniacal Nitrogen:                                     1.3 % w/v        1.0 % w/w
  • Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble:      4.2 % w/v        3.2% w/w
  • Magnesium oxide (MgO) water soluble:  2.6 % w/v           2 % w/w
  • Boron (B) water soluble:                           0.06 % w/v   0.048 % w/w
  • Iron (Fe) chelated by EDDHA:                    0.3% w/v       0.25% w/w
  • Total Organic Matter:                                    52 % w/v          40 % w/w
  • Total Humic extract:                                   31.2 % w/v          24 % w/w
  • Fulvic acids:                                                   31.2 % w/v         24 % w/w


  • pH 5.4
  • Density: 1.3 kg / L
  • Water soluble liquid

Aminogram: Glutamic acid, glycine, proline, Alanita, Leucine, aspartic acid, lysine, Valine, serine, arginine, Histidine, threonine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, Iso Leucine, cystine, cysteine, methionine, α-aminobutyric acid, tryptophan.

ORGANOVITAL PLUS has been developed with a special combination of amino acids: amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins from cereals and amino acid obtained by fermentation by lactobacillus.

The heavy metal content is below the limits authorized for this classification.


ORGANOVITAL PLUS is a completely liquid soluble to water, ready to be applied in fertirrigation using localized irrigation, irrigation to blanket, spray, injected, etc.

Advisable for horticultural crops, Ornamentals, citrus, vine, fruit, green areas, etc.



  • 60 to 80 L./ha. per crop cycle applied in 2 or 4 inputs, distanced a minimum of one week together.


  • 60 to 120 L./ha. per crop cycle, applied in 2 or 4 inputs.


  • 3-5 c.c./m3 doing bi-weekly contributions, being able to shorten the lead-times for up to 2 per week in cases of necessity recognized contributions. Doses may be increased up to 20 c.c./m3 and application.

Berries, Persimon, Cítricos, Fruit Trees, Hortalizas, Ornamental plants, Subtropical, Vid


Deficiencies of micronutrients, Adverse weather conditions, Nutritional imbalances, Problems of rooting, Stress situations

Phenological State

Sprouting, Thickening, Rooting, Flowering / Fruit setting, Start of the vegetative activity, Stress situations

Container Type

5 L, 20 L, 220 L

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