PROCUAJE RADICULAR and watermelon pollination

The fruit setting is the natural phenomenon by which a flower becomes a valid result.

Good flower formation depends on the quantity and quality of harvest.

In horticultural crops fruit set it is essential to produce a good harvest.

This requires optimal fertilization and enough flowers with abundant pollen and fertile, so that pollinating bees do their job successfully.

A lack of pollen and fruit causes very little bumblebees work and the level of fertilized fruits is low.

PROCUAJE RADICULAR for convenience of application through irrigation lines impinges directly and sequentially in Plant Genome stimulation for this increase through the formation of carbohydrates in daily plant photosynthesis.

PROCUAJE RADICULAR achieves the formation of ovaries with optimal level of fertile pollen.

Here we show some videos where we can see how they work bees in pollination and fertilization of flowers on a plot of watermelons, once treated with PROCUAJE RADICULAR.


The bees pollinating involved in fertilization the ovary of the flower and achieving high quality fruit.

Along with PROCUAJE RADICULAR applications are the perfect combinacióbn for excellent fertilization.

As can be seen in the images, the result is a fruit with a perfect setting.

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