Persimmon Skin Maintenance


The quality of the skin of the fruit is a determining factor for its commercial attractiveness and its post-harvest life, especially in those fruits that are intended to be kept in cold storage for a long time, such as persimmon. And this quality is achieved above all with correct handling in the field.


At EDYPRO we have developed a special CA-FRUIT product made up of a new molecule that stands out for its rapid assimilation and deposition in the structure of the plant tissue of the fruit.

CA-FRUIT is an improved and more powerful calcium, which increases cell subdivision in the fruit, activating fattening and increasing the consistency of the plastic material of the fruit. It also prevents premature ageing of the fruit and increases resistance.

To test its efficacy in the 2018 season, the following treatment experiment was carried out;

Treatments were carried out on 17 September; 5 October and 29 October.

Harvesting: 5 and 8 November.
Camera: 6 and 9 November.
Confection: 3 and 8 January 2019.

  Average penetrometry: 5


The warehouse manager does not see any difference between the batches treated with CA-FRUIT and those treated with other products on the market.

In the field, no difference was observed with other calcium correctors.

The result has been totally satisfactory in the long term preservation of Persimmon fruit, being kept in cold storage for almost 70 days.

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