The amazing potential of EDYPRO biotechnology

The amazing potential of EDYPRO biotechnology 

 PROCUAJE RADICULAR and EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR the best combination for growing melons and watermelons


In horticultural crops curdled and enlargement are essential to produce a good harvest.

PROCUAJE RADICULAR increases the number of flowers per plant, creating a high level of fertile pollen therein and obtaining a well fertilization configured by a rapid opening of sepals and petals, and at the same time, achieving very well formed fruit.

EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR gets uniform fruits, without internal voids, high specific weight, smooth skin and excellent organoleptic properties.

 Get a huge sink effect post-fertilization thereby achieving a direct and rapid thickening, resulting in very uniform fruits, high caliber, with high weight and high consistency.


EDYPRO achieved through the continued application of these biotechnology products, excellent results in different varieties of melon and watermelon, in several plots in the area of Almeria.

Melon “Cantaloup” treated with PROCUAJE RADICULAR (40 L./ha. 1 single application), EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR (10 L./ha. With two applications, spaced 10 days) and COUPÉ RENENERACIÓN Plus (application 20 L./ha. has.).

It can be seen a great uniformity in the fattening process.


Melon “Norte”, curdled treated with EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR (10L./ha with two applications) and COUPÉ RENENERACIÓN Plus (60 L./ha. application.).

Watermelons treated with PROCUAJE RADICULAR (20 L./ha. application.) and EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR (2 applications 20 L./ha.).

Here we show a video that shows the status of a plot of watermelons treated with PROCUAJE RADICULAR, and beginning to be treated with EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR and COUPÉ RENENERACIÓN Plus

It can be seen the number of fertilized properly configured and fruits and the work of bees fertilization.


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