How to generate a good bulb for the new crop?


After the rest period of the first half of the summer, the new crop cycle begins. 4-5 days before the farmer usually performs a good irrigation to moisten the earth and ensure a good rooting of the new plants.

This first irrigation involves a high consumption of water that ends up drenching the subsoil and generating problems in the cultivation during the winter months.

Water droplets alone tend to attract, bind and generate larger droplets by forming a mass with high molecular weight that by gravity is drawn into lower layers without allowing the bulb to be discarded.


In the following video you can see the strength of EDYPRO HUMECTANTE to apply it in the 1st irrigation after the rest distributed from the first drop of water from this irrigation to the last and with an irrigation of a couple of hours is enough to moisten the soil and form The new bulb.

This dynamic allows to prepare a drip bulb better adapted to the needs of the crop with a significant saving of water.

The dosage and application: distribute 20 L/ha of EDYPRO HUMECTANTE during all the irrigation with clear water with no fertilizers.


The result is a labyrinth of horizontal distribution of the irrigation water in the drip bulb that allows us to have the water in contact with the atmospheric oxygen and with the roots of the new plants.

In the next photo you can see how the bulbs are joined in the corridor between the rows.

You can see how the greenhouse land remains without applying EDYPRO HUMECTANTE.

From EDYPRO biotechnologia we offer practical and effective solutions to improve your cultivation.

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