ALGATRON for the Zucchini Crop

Intensive Zucchini under shelter cultivation involves the management of the processes of fertilization and fruit set through periodic applications of the hormone combination known as “porro”; by 3 weekly applications to bud and flowers of the plant.

As you can see in the following images, the Association of ALGATRON to this process, as a result of biotechnology, behaves spectacular results that captivate the farmer by the uniformity of the achieved results, fertilized fruits standard and high yield achieved.

 ALGATRON is a stimulant that favors the physiological processes of the crop for their proper development as well as the quality of the final product. It is applied on the crops in which you want to increase growth, the production, the consistency and uniformity of the fruits.

Therefore, farmers appreciate and value very positively the implementation of ALGATRON along with “porro” in the crop of Zucchini, and consider it an essential complement, that associated with applied of PROCUAJE RADICULAR of weekly mode, it allows them to beat records of production and quality.

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