Fruit Thinning And Gain Weight Without Hormones


Citrus varieties with a tendency to overproduction require fruit thinning to remove from the tree the fruits that will not reach a good size and at the same time create competition for other fruits. Manual thinning is very expensive and is carried out at the moment, when at the cellular programming level the final size of the fruits is already defined. Therefore, the farmer needs a solution that allows the depreciation of the fruit, thinning, as soon as possible.


From EDYPRO we advise the realization of our specific treatment of Fruit Thinning and Fattening Without Hormones that depreciates the smallest fruit and activates the thickening of the fruits of the 1st flowering that will reach an outstanding commercial size.


In the first image, we can see how after the treatment a thickening effect of the fruits of the 1st flowering has been obtained and at the same time the good nutritional status that the plant has thanks to the EDYPRO nutritional products.

In this second image we appreciate the fallen fruits of the 2nd and 3rd flowering thanks to the treatments performed on May 8th and 22nd, 2017.

Then, you can see the results in the variety PRENULES:

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