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coupé regeneración plus cultivo tomates

Each product that we develop involves an arduous task of research and study. Our products have a very outstanding efficiency and some of them, due to their trajectory and spectacular results, are considered “Star Products” by our customers and technicians.

Today we are talking about four of these super products:


It is a fast-acting regenerator of growing soils. It regenerates the microbiome of the cultivation soil, which acts by increasing the cation exchange capacity and displacing the toxic salts of the clay-humic complex.

The following main results are obtained:

  • It increases the cation exchange capacity in the cultivation soil.
  • It replaces part of the fertiliser, reducing the percentage of nitrates that accumulate in the soil and water.
  • Effectively displaces sodium-ion and toxic salts (sulphates, chlorides) from the top of the growing soil.
  • Prolongs the life span of the plant in the final stage.
  • Balances and raises the Carbon/Nitrogen ratio in the soil.

procuaje radicular edypro pimientos biotecnología


It is a biotechnological solution that helps crops to express their maximum productive potential. It directly activates the expression of the genes responsible for the optimal morphological formation of the flower and all its internal and external parts. With a well-configured production organ, all the steps of the production process take place very easily and naturally:

  • opening of the pollen tube,
  • increase of the pollen level of the stamens and their fertility,
  • development of good sized petals and sepals,
  • intensity of petal colour (which generates the attractiveness to pollinating insects),
  • fertilisation of the ovary and the ovules and
  • initiation of the sink effect in the newly fertilised ovary.

And it achieves all these results by responding to two important agronomic challenges: the elimination of hormones in the fertilisation process and application via the root using the localised irrigation system.

These two products have been presented in the TOMRES Project, an initiative co-financed within the European Community’s Horizon 2020 Programme in which universities, research centres, companies and agricultural associations from all over Europe participate. The purpose of this project is to increase tolerance to combined water and nutritional stress in tomato crops and maximise water and nutrient use efficiency.

max quality resultados en cítricos biotecnología



A novel biotechnological product with a direct impact on the external and internal morphological configuration of the fruit, increasing its size and bringing the fruit to the optimum characteristics of the variety, giving it the shape that is genetically predetermined. On a scientific level, a hormone-free product is achieved and directly promotes the activation of the genes responsible for the internal and external quality characteristics of the fruit.

edyfruit arroz cultivo arrozal biotecnología



It is a complex activator of the genes responsible for the productive functions that regulate the development of the rice plant.

With the application of this product:

  • the number of powerful roots is multiplied, increasing the rate of fertiliser assimilation,
  • daily photosynthesis is intensified, increasing the crop’s productive potential and its self-defence.
  • tillering is boosted,
  • the number of spikes per plant and the size of the spikes are increased, and
  • uniformity of grain and ear ripening is achieved.

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