Biotech fertilisers for the agriculture of the future

EDYPRO is dedicated to improving agricultural production through the use of biotechnological fertilisers that it has been researching, developing and manufacturing since 1996.

EDYPRO, a Valencian company dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of biotechnological fertilisers with high agronomic performance, aims to find solutions that are environmentally friendly, increasing the quality of fruit and improving human health through food.

To this end, it researches and develops solutions that activate the productive genes and natural self-defence systems of plants and, as a result, maximise the production and quality of crops.

Through research effort and dedication, EDYPRO has managed to replace hormonal substances, which have been used in agriculture for many years, with plant extracts, whose performance is equal or greater, and which do not generate any type of residue in the food chain.

EDYPRO, as a sustainable company, works with respect for the environment and the quality of agricultural production. Biotechnological fertilisers are made from pure mineral elements that prevent the loss of nutrients and provide the essential minerals for the optimum development of the crop. The application of these biotechnological dynamics increases the plant’s self-defences, reducing its sensitivity to diseases and pests. This, in turn, reduces the need for the use of phytosanitary products. This contributes to the development of sustainable agriculture so that it can be sustained over time.

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