EDYPRO’s research potential

Potencial investigador EDYPRO

To talk about research is to talk about EDYPRO. Since our beginnings, our main objective has always been to help, through our biotechnological formulations, farmers and technicians to help plants produce better, with a greater quantity of fruit and excellent quality, always committed to Ecological Agriculture and Residue-Free Agriculture.

EDYPRO goes further, investigating what no one dares, attacking directly to the origin of the crop problem, thus minimising damage and preventing it from happening again, all with our biotechnological solutions. We are constantly innovating, proof of which is the recent investment of €23,000 in R+D+i to improve the laboratory’s equipment, due to the fact that agriculture is constantly changing and new problems are appearing at great speed.

At EDYPRO we recommend complementing all actions on crops with strategies based on biotechnology, such as microbiology to increase the fertility of cultivated agricultural land or the use of biotechnology to control pests and diseases. In addition, with our productive gene activators we are the alternative to hormonal products, as our formulations result in:

  • excellent curds
  • excellent fattening
  • perfect maturation and extraordinary organoleptic conditions and long post-harvest life.

Something that also characterises us is our commitment to improving the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the fruit and vegetables handled with the solutions. Our aim is to achieve an excellent crop!!! For this reason, as a complement to our ongoing research, we provide farmers and technicians with the appropriate training to successfully grow crops and achieve top quality fruit through Aula EDYPRO and our continuous assistance to farmers, advising them on handling and treatments in the correct and optimal application of products.

In this year of celebration of our 25th anniversary, under the slogan ‘Research for the agriculture of the future’, the launch of three new products is planned, which are currently in the pre-launch phase and the signing of strategic agreements that will allow them to break into new international markets.


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