Treatment For Skin Greening In Citrus

In previous news we have explained the problems that have arisen in the early varieties of citrus due to the drought and treatments with the use of hormonal products. In early August the fruits staid in a very low caliber and starting to change color, situation that stopped the fattening process and leaving the fruits without commercial prospects.

Here you can see the difference in the evolution and the state of the plots managed by means of the biotechnology EDYPRO and plots with a "traditional" management that involves use of hormonal treatments.

In EDYPRO biotechnologia we seek solutions to help crops in overcoming the difficulties in their evolution.

In this farm with PRI-23 variety from Torres Torres area of we have recommended treatments to rejuvenate the fruits and improve the caliber.

In the following images taken September 10th you can see how the trees and the fruits have changed after performing EDYPRO’s biotech treatments.

As you can see in 4 weeks since the previous visit the trees have taken an intense green color, the fruits have continued gaining weight and taking commercial size.

IMPORTANT: the treatments performed are completely harmless to the physiological processes taking place in the tree which means that the maturing process will continue normally and without impairing the qualities of the fruits.

If you have the necessity to improve fruit size, contact us and our Technical Department will respond to your request.

By Crop

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