Optimal rooting solution with low temperatures and few hours of light

The most delicate stage of a crop is its germination or transplantation, in case of. In many intensive crops this phase occurs under unfavorable conditions, for example, with short days and low temperatures (such as the transplantation of crops in the spring-summer cycle).

From EDYPRO, and with the desire to offer effective and practical solutions to farmers, we have developed ENRAIZANTE ESPECIAL that is well received by technicians and farmers.

We have recently carried out a study on the results of ENRAIZANTE ESPECIAL at the beginning of pumpkin cultivation to visualize and quantify its impact on the formation of secondary roots and absorbent root hairs.

To do this, we germinate some pumpkin seeds in conditions similar to those of the seedbed.

In total, 12 pots were organized with a plant in each pot, divided in two variants (with and without product application) and underwent treatment in two specific phenological stages: deployment of the second cotyledon and formation of the first two true leaves.

For the application of the treatments, the same conditions that the farmer faces in the field were tried to reproduce, a similar humidity was maintained in all variants, whether they were treated with product or not, and the irrigation volumes were adapted.

The results that emerge from this study conclude that ENRAIZANTE ESPECIAL 10L/HA generates a significant increase in root development of pumpkin plants in their early stages that can be seen in the following images:

As we can see in this graph, the area of ​​the root mass is almost double in the plants treated with ENRAIZANTE ESPECIAL compared to the untreated control.

Therefore, this solution is emerging as an optimal tool to obtain a perfect rooting in weather conditions with low temperatures and days with few hours of solar radiation.

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