Saving the harvest in variety ORRI


In late May, in a plot of Orri variety we have found a worrying behavior of the trees:

  • They manifested deficiencies of microelements such as calcium and magnesium.
  • They had an unsuitable budding for the time of year.
  • And the freshly set fruits were about to abort.


After analyzing this situation, we recommend some urgent measures and the one that has had the greatest impact has been the biotechnological treatment to redirect the vegetative behavior of the tree.

This treatment acts on the immune system by increasing the formation of carbohydrates that will directly nourish the newly fertilized fruits and we will see their response in the change of color and size of the fruit.

  • FECUNDATOR to increase daily photosynthesis.
  • ALGATRON that increases the secretion of hormones by the tree to provide hormonal balance and stop the vegetative need.
  • HYDROCAL in order to increase the osmotic potential of the plant.
  • CUPRO-PLUS MAX to generate the effect of vegetative stop that we need at this time.


The amazing results began to be noticed 24 hours after the treatment. And in 4 days the trees already showed a very good behavior with consolidated fruits and slowed sprouting.

Another important effect that we have seen is the level of chlorophyll in the leaves, since the analysis made on May 27th and June 3rd with a difference of about 5 points.

Below, in the photos you can see the state of the trees and how their appearance has changed after the treatment done.

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