Results of PRO-CONTROL application on Persimmon crop

EDYPRO biotechnology is present in more and more crop fields every day due to its high efficiency and the good results it offers, both in terms of production and fruit quality.

In this case, we offer some data on the application of our biotechnological solution PRO-CONTROL in a persimmon crop. In this case, the aim was to achieve a reduction in summer sprouting in order to reduce the need for green pruning. This experience has been carried out in a field managed with our integrated management plan for persimmon cultivation, where an area was treated with PRO-CONTROL in the month of June, leaving a control area untreated.

From the moment of application, very little sprouting has been observed in the treated part, which has made it possible to avoid 2 green prunings, saving time and labour for the crop. But the most interesting surprise is observed at the moment, when we can see a larger size and an advance in the ripening of the fruit on the treated part.

According to the data collected, in the untreated control area, the average size is 74.65 mm. In the untreated control area, in addition to this average figure, the minimum size found was 67 mm and the maximum size was 83 mm.

In the area treated with PRO-CONTROL, the average size was 79.53mm, with a minimum size of 71mm and a maximum size of 90mm.

After this comparison between the two areas, we can see a considerable difference, as the difference is 4mm over a fairly high average (an increase of 7%), saving 2 green prunings for the farmer.

Once again, EDYPRO‘s biotechnology is at the service of farmers and agronomists to get the maximum potential out of crops and offer the end consumer products of optimum quality.


How does PRO-CONTROL work?

PRO-CONTROL is a hormone-free vegetative growth regulator made from a special combination of amino acids in a form that can be assimilated by the crop.

The application of PRO-CONTROL reduces cell division in the vegetative organs and directs the energy saved to the productive organs.

In addition, this solution of applying PRO-CONTROL to prevent sprouting in the summer is equally valid for other fruit trees such as apple, pear, etc.

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