Recovery in plots with bad prognosis with the use of EDYPRO´s biotechnology

Recovery in plots with bad prognosis with the use of EDYPRO´s biotechnology

In situations with difficult start of the crop cycle only quick and assertive actions allow to minimize the negative impact of unfavorable factors at the time of start of cultivation.

In the following pictures we can see rice cultivation of Delta del Ebro area where they had a difficult germination and plants establishment in the deepest lands because of the high salinity of the soil.

This situation caused significant mortality of plants and those that remained had great difficulty for adequate rooting and tillering.

The application of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus at 40 L./ha. y+ EDYFRUIT ARROZ at 5 L./ha. in the moment the plant has 2-5 leaves (mixed with the forst herbicide treatment) have achieved accomplished:

  • Remove the sodium ion from clay-humic complex,
  • Increase cation exchange,
  • Restore the C / N,
  • The plant began to assimilate fertilizers correctly,
  • Provide a quick and vigorous development of root systems,
  • Achieving a high tillering that allows to cover the entire surface of the culture,
  • To standardize the plants development,
  • Form good panicles with a high number of grains and much uniformity in the appearance of the panicle.

Guara Variety 

Seeded 28/04/2016

Furia CL Variety

Seeded 28/04/2016

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