Powerful Zinc and Manganesium corrector for Champions Agriculture

Powerful Zinc and Manganesium corrector for Champions Agriculture

Being very sensitive to deficiency of Zinc and Manganese, citrus fruits manifest it in the following way:

These deficiencies decrease the potential for daily photosynthesis and affect the development and dignity of new leaves.

The new ZIMA-L MAX that was presented on the market last year and has gained the leadership due to its powerful effect of

ZIMA-L MAX is a new slow-release biotechnology product in the vegetative mass that causes the production and storage of important compounds used by the plant cell. These compounds play an important role in the process of photosynthesis, synthesis of lipids and amino acids, determining the color of fruits and flowers, among other functions.

In this way, ZIMA-L MAX provides the plant with enough levels of zinc and manganese reserves for it to assimilate and use it according to its physiological needs.

Its special formulation gives the product a rapid assimilation and a strong shock effect in declared deficiencies.

The Zinc provided by ZIMA-L MAX directly influences the synthesis of nucleic acids and the formation of proteins. ZIMA-L MAX has a direct effect on growth regulation by controlling auxin metabolism.

The Manganese in ZIMA-L MAX directly influences the activity of different enzymes, chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis and nitrate reduction.

You can see the quick result on the Orri variety leaves:

In addition, to confirm the successful results, we have done a series of foliar analyzes before starting the treatments with ZIMA-L MAX and after performing several treatments and here we present the surprising results.

In the ORRI variety:


In the TANGO variety:

Likewise, they can assess the changes that have occurred in the leaves after carrying out the EDYPRO biotechnological treatments, including 2 applications of ZIMA-L MAX.

We have noticed the same powerful result in other crops, eg in these greenhouse peppers.

Take advantage of this special formulation!

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