Enhance the maturation of the fruits in winter

Winter brings its changes in the management of the crop in greenhouses with less water frequency and less fertilizer inputs. And at the same time with low temperatures and short days that slow down the physiological processes in plants.

To maintain an optimal production rate it is very important to help the plant to maintain its productive rate at a maximum level.


From EDYPRO we recommend applying the successful formula COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus + EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR.


  • With its prebiotic effect, it will make the nutrients available to the plant in an assimilable form so that it assimilates them as needed,
  • It will improve the physical structure and drainage of the soil, as well as reduce waterlogging damage and oxygenate the drip bulb.

EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR applied 2-3 days after, will activate the accumulation of carbohydrates in the fruits in a thickening state. In this way, it will be possible to shorten the fruit’s thickening time and achieve a standard size with exceptional density and firmness.

The optimal application is as follows:

  1. COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus 60 L./ha.
  2. Two three days later EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR 15 L./ha. (continue with the applications every 7-10 days according to the desired fattening rate)

The recommended products are certified by the CAAE for use in Organic Agriculture.


With this application program you will get:

  • in tomato: advance the maturation and achieve a standard size with a high specific weight of the fruits.
  • in peppers: standardize the size and achieve thick walls and high specific weight.
  • in cucumber: complete filling of the fruit, avoiding problems of lack of filling or “sword point”.
  • in aubergine: precocity of maturation with a high specific weight and firmness of the fruits.
  • in zucchini: advance in the maturation and complete filling of the fruits.

It is extremely important that with EDYPRO biotechnology there is no risk of fruit cracking, exceeding the genetically established size for the variety or other irregularities in the quality of the fruits.

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