Maintaining the Quality of the Rice Crop at the Final Stage


The rice grower looks forward to the gleaning season in rice to begin to see the fruits of his year-long labour and effort.

But this time is one of the most delicate, because the rice plant is susceptible to climatic and environmental factors that affect pollen sterility and/or grain filling potential.

For example, low night temperatures at the time of ear formation cause pollen sterility, increasing the percentage of empty grains and directly reducing production.

EDYPRO offers a biotechnological solution that improves pollen fertility and boosts the rate of grain filling, increasing the weight of the ears and reducing the percentage of incomplete grains, making the ripening of the grains in the ear more uniform:

This combination has proven its effectiveness and is applied in different rice-growing areas of Spain, Portugal, etc.

Today, on the 3rd of August, we have witnessed the 2nd treatment with this combination in the rice fields of Valencia and here are the photos and video that show the quality of the plant at this moment.

The plant has been able to respond thanks to our action in the treatment we carried out on 20 July and the recovery of the crop is stupendous.

We will keep you informed about the evolution of these rices.

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