Serious boron poisoning in a grapefruit crop

In some agricultural areas, water scarcity has forced the development of a series of measures to increase the availability of water for irrigating crops, one of which is the implementation of desalination plants, which purify water of all minerals except boron.

Boron, in high concentrations, is a micro-element that in excess can be phytotoxic, causing serious damage to crops. Therefore, most fields irrigated with water from desalination plants have excess boron in soil and crops.

This is what happened in a grapefruit crop that was irrigated with poor quality desalination water with high boron concentrations. As a result, the trees were yellowing and the crop was spoiling.

To remedy this situation, EDYPRO proposed the following:

Apply COUPÉ REGENERATION PLUS to increase the cation exchange capacity of the soil, rebalancing the assimilation of nutrients in the clay-humic complex.

And stimulate with CUPRO PLUS MAX, EDYMAG and ALGATRON.


Thanks to the application of EDYPRO‘s biotechnological solutions, this situation was reversed. The crop, despite having to live with an excess of boron, is being managed optimally, with excellent, high quality fruit.


Biotechnology makes it possible to continue farming in difficult waters.

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