Cultivation Of Rice In Coimbra


On June 13, 2017, we visited rice fields in the Coimbra area (Portugal) and observed the spectacular results after applying the products of EDYPRO Biotechnology:

  • COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus, designed to reactivate the soil of the crop that acts by displacing the toxic salts of the clay-humic complex resulting in active soils and with great capacity for vegetative development. This product has a lot of acceptance by the Portuguese farmers to give a magnificent result in their lands with low fertility and with high level of salts.
  • ROOT RICE, stimulant of the germination of the rice seed that acts increasing the germinative energy of the seed and provides a fast germination and establishment of the plants. In areas with a lot of wind and with a very variable climate in the sowing season, it is an essential tool to have good rice.


The following photograph was taken at the Montemor-o-Velho experiment center and we can see the difference in the cultivation of the part treated with ROOT RICE to the part treated with another product on the market.


In this last image we see the plot recently treated with EDYFRUIT ARROZ, a stimulant product of genes linked to the productive factors of rice that acts to improve the development of the plant in its phenological stages.

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