Defoliation in citrus due to hard water

At this time in the La Plana area of Castellón there is a marked drop in citrus leaves. Most are leaves that have not been affected by spider attacks and usually fall to the ground with the petiole.

This situation is caused by the lack of cation exchange in the drip bulb.

It is a cause produced by the hardness of the irrigation waters of La Plana Alta area. This type of water greatly hinders the microbial activity in the drip bulb and consequently, a good part of the mineral salts provided with the fertilizers and the salts provided by the irrigation water pass into primary mineral form.

Now, at the beginning of vegetative activity, the trees activate their root system and it is in a hostile environment and consequently suffers burns, loss of secondary roots and absorbent hairs that result in this defoliation.


In EDYPRO we recommend at the beginning of the crop cycle, and if possible before starting fertigation, apply COUPÉ REGENERANIÓN Plus from 60 to 80 L./ha. in a single application + ENRAIZANTE ESPECIAL 10 L./ha.


  • Reactivates the own microbial fauna (prebiotic effect) of the cultivation soil and allows to have active, healthy cultivation soils with a great capacity for vegetative development.
  • COUPÉ REGENERANIÓN Plus acts directly by generating a great cation exchange capacity that allows the assimilation of the salts of the nutrients accumulated in the soil. At the same time, it transforms the fertilizers provided into assimilable form.
  • Increases the selfdefenses of the crop against fungal attacks by oxygenating the soil with a higher performance of fertilizers.
  • Effectively displaces the toxic salts of the clay-humic complex and improves the physical structure of the soil, increasing its oxygenation and drainage.

ENRAZIANTE ESPECIAL acts as a powerful activator of root growth that reduces the time necessary for the emission of the roots and facilitates the rooting of plants. It is designed to stimulate the development of secondary roots and absorbent hairs in critical periods, with great capacity for action in adverse weather conditions.


A few weeks after providing the plan of applications, the results are very noticeable and there is a marked change in the behavior of the trees that will last throughout the spring. Thus, a new root system is achieved in an active, healthy soil with a great nutritional capacity for the trees. And the integral use of the fertilizers used is facilitated. The renewal of the root system is ideal both in young trees and in adult trees where the root system is elder.

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