Counteract the negative effect of excess flower on citrus


This year, after the long and cold winter that there has been, in most citrus farms there is a great excess of flower, sometimes whole bouquets without new leaves, which are usually called “blind flower”.

This excess of flower with a low number of new leaves will cause stress to the tree because it will demand more carbohydrates than it can generate with the foliar mass without renewing itself. In addition, if a good thinning is not achieved in the physiological fall, it will end up limiting the average size of the fruits.


From EDYPRO we have a specific solution for these situations that our technicians recommend after analyzing the problem. And it is the application of ALGATRON in spring treatments.

ALGATRON directly affects the hormonal rebalancing of the tree, avoiding the decompensation of the blind flower and helping the optimal fertilization without risk of excess production. Its anti-stress effect provides the plant with optimal regulation and balance to overcome excess flowering and the weakness that this entails.

As there is an excess of flowering, the plant has a hormonal disorder and a decompensation caused by carbohydrate deficiency. ALGATRON combined with ZIMA-L MAX counteracts in a very important way the vegetative and functional balance.

We recommend making at least two applications spaced from 10 to 15 days and avoiding the applications of hormonal substances for setting.


With these two applications we have a direct impact, accentuating floral differentiation and placing maximum emphasis on the first fruits of the first flowers so that they become valid fruits and thus displace the flowers of the 2nd and 3rd flowering.

The algae with which ALGATRON has been configured belong to the genus Ascophyllum nodosum.

ZIMA-L MAX is the powerful Zinc and Manganese deficiency corrector that expressly restores the nutritional balance in the crop.

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