Beneficios y modo de acción de PODIUM ARROZ

PODIUM ARROZ is a rice resistance enhancer against fungal and bacterial attacks. Its foliar application hinders the infectivity of the spore of the pathogen that comes into contact with the leaf. It is a product of vegetable origin and does not require authorisation for applications.

The composition of PODIUM ARROZ contributes to the proper functioning of Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) and Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR), which are the immune responses generated by the plant to defend itself against infection by fungal and bacterial pathogens, including the problematic fungi Pyricularia oryzae and Helminthosporium, among others.

PODIUM ARROZ has be designed with 3 goals;

  • Through foliar application, it acts as a primary barrier between the infective spores of the pathogen and the cells of the leaf epidermis.
  • Its composition has been carefully selected to favour the metabolic flow through the bottlenecks in the whole systemic response generated by the plant, providing adequate nutrition and maintaining a strong plant to cope with any infection.
  • Favouring the plant’s own hormonal balance in the different meristems to generate a fair development of the vegetative part and not limiting in any case the reproductive and productive part.

When applied at the milky stage, PODIUM RICE increases the size of the rice grain, increasing the specific weight of the grains and making the ripening process more uniform.

This plant-based product can be applied at any stage of the crop cycle with no safety time limit.

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