Recommended background fertilization for soils with low fertility


Rice lands are affected by various factors that lower their fertility and limit production, such as:

  • The salinization of the soil due to the accumulation of fertilizers that have passed to a primary form without being accumulated by the plants.
  • The accumulation of toxic salts contributed by saline water.
  • The decrease in microbial activity in thev soil due to the use of chemical products and climatic factors.


In these cases we recommend performing the background fertilizer with;

COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus without adding mineral fertilizer.
COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus is intended for the reactivation and regeneration of the soil in the pre-sowing and pre-planting phases and during the vegetative cycle.


COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus effectively displaces the toxic sales of the clay-humic complex, preventing their fixation in the soil anions. Increases the cation exchange capacity and improves the physical structure of the soil, increasing its oxygenation and drainage.




The benefits and advantages obtained from its application are;

  • Permorfance fertilization of the products used (without reducing the dose of fertilizers).
  • Extension of the useful life of the plant in the final phase, allowing the complete filling of the spikes and reducing the percentage of empty grains.
  • Effective sodium-ion displacement and toxic salts from the top of the crop soil.
  • With saline waters it prevents the sodium-ion from being fixed to the soil anions, releasing the clay-humic complex.
  • Increases cation exchange and improves assimilation of macro and micronutrients.
  • Reset the C / N ratio
  • Increases the nitrogen yield in the soil, facilitating its transformations.
  • Improves the transformation of organic matter into humus and nutrients.
  • It produces a more branched root system that improves water and nutrient absorption, resulting in faster growth and better tolerance to drought.
  • Increased thickening of the trunk, root and fruit.




Its application and dosage should be;
60 L./ha. applied in one of the following modalities:

  • Pre-sowing application, alone or with the background fertilization.
  • Post-germination application: in the 1st herbicide application and always accompanied by EDYFRUIT ARROZ.
  • To decompose the straw: apply on the stubble immediately after harvesting (if there are Akiochi problems, it is advisable to burn the straw first) at 60 L./ha.

The steps to follow in each of these modalities are described in this document (download here). Below we show how with the contribution of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus as a background fertilizer an excellent planting is achieved.

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