PROCUAJE RADICULAR, the solution that revolutionized agriculture

The development and commercialization of PROCUAJE RADICULAR in 2005 represented, then and now, an actual revolution in agriculture due to the way in which it activates the fruit setting processes in horticultural crops.

So far the fertilization of the fruits was fulfilled with the stimulation of the flower with hormonal treatments. This type of procedure ended up having negative consequences on the plants since they notably reduced their productivity and altered the configuration of the fruits; this resulted in deformed, hollow and asymmetric fruits. In addition, the hormones affected the flavor, so the fruits that were produced did not reach the quality that the market demanded.

With the appearance of PROCUAJE RADICULAR, 15 years ago, the way of activating fertilization was completely transformed, and a response to two important agronomic challenges was given:

  1. the elimination of hormones in the fertilization processes and
  2. root application through the localized irrigation system, instead of the traditional foliar route.

PROCUAJE RADICULAR overcame both challenges and has managed to simplify the work of hundreds of farmers, offering excellent results. This biotechnological solution directly influences the optimal morphological formation of each productive organ, having the capacity to influence the formation of the flower and all its parts, internal and external. With a well-configured productive organ, all the steps of the production process are produced easily and in a natural way: opening of the pollen tube, pollen fertility, increase in the level of pollen in the stamens, development of petals and sepals well-sized, increase of the color in the petals (which generates the attraction to the pollinating insects), fertilization of the ovary and the ovules and initiation of the sink effect in the newly fertilized ovary.

In addition, it increases the number of productive organs of the plant, lengthens its productive life and improves the quality of the fruits, obtaining pieces with a perfect configuration and an excellent flavor.

Throughout these 15 years, PROCUAJE RADICULAR has been applied in thousands of hectares of crops. It is the leading sales product in the Almeria Region. It is our most demanded solution and also the one that has suffered the most plagiarism attempts. But our customers continue to be happier and happier with the product each year and the PROCUAJE RADICULAR fan-club is still growing.

From EDYPRO we work daily to investigate and develop improvements that allow us to increase the levels of assimilation of PROCUAJE RADICULAR and thus maintain the fantastic service it provides to farmers.

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