Letter from a farmer

I am Alejandro Maña, a farmer from Castellón. Great-grandson, grandson and son of farmers and, thanks to fate, I am not the father of farmers. And I say this because I see myself excluded, both socially and economically, by the Public Administration, politicians, agricultural associations… And above all, by you, the written and spoken PRESS.
It’s great that Mr. Feijóo is meeting with the tile industry and that you are giving him a boost, how much we need the wages of this industry!
Good for exposing the serious problems of the long-suffering hotel and catering industry in many of your radio programmes!
But please, dedicate a little of your time to agricultural producers (including Feijóo), because apart from the current market problem for which consumers pay 1000% (i.e. 10 times more) than what we producers charge, we have now been hit by the payment of the gas cap, and nobody, I repeat, nobody, is doing anything about it.
Not even in feudal times were farmers subjected to such an unjustifiable tax or tithe for the greater wealth of the powerful (church and rulers before, now the big electricity companies that count their quarterly profits in the thousands).
I summarise by saying that it is now impossible for us to irrigate our fields, and not for lack of water. We are going to be left without our own agricultural production and without the spectacular citrus LANDSCAPE that brings so many benefits to our Levantine people.

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