Advantages of using EDYPRO HUMECTANTE

EDYPRO biotechnology offers solutions for different crop problems or needs. One of the needs is a correct water distribution in the soil that can be translated into water savings, especially in times of adverse weather conditions with high temperatures or heat shocks, due to the rapid evaporation of water.

To achieve significant water savings, we recommend EDYPRO HUMECTANTE in pre-transplanting. This is a biotechnological product that improves the horizontal distribution and penetration of water in the soil, designed to break the surface tension of the water, achieving a wide bulb.


What advantages does the application of EDYPRO HUMECTANTE offer us?

  • It allows a quick and easy way to hydrate the soil of the crop in a uniform, balanced and regular way.
  • It generates the labyrinth of horizontal water displacement in the crop soil, opening the drip bulb and displacing the sodium ions to deeper layers where the roots do not reach.
  • Allows dynamic micro-watering where the plant has the optimum amount of water at the right frequency at the top and prevents the soil from becoming saturated and waterlogged.


Results in a summer spinach crop

Below, we can see a recently planted spinach crop in Camp de Turia (Valencia) and with the application of EDYPRO HUMECTANTE recently carried out.

These photographs correspond to the same crop field, but after 3 days of having applied the product and having suffered days of west.

edypro humectante campo cultivo espinacas

edypro humectante campo cultivo espinacas


Application and dosage

EDYPRO HUMECTANTE should be applied in the first irrigation of the crop in pure water without fertilisers. For correct application, it is recommended to spread the dose of 20 L/ha throughout the irrigation phase, without leaving any water without product.

It is recommended to repeat the application only if there is a change in the behaviour of the water in the drip bulb.


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