Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos



The Biotechnology of EDYPRO studies how to create ways of performance which activate the systems of natural self-defence and searches the way to improve the functioning of the plants´ immunological system.




What we do?


EDYPRO investigates to cover the necessities of the agriculture of the future with the objective to achieve the maximum quality, the maximum yield and Zero Waste.


In EDYPRO we study carefully the biological working of the vegetal species, analysing each phenology and its behaviour, according to the cycle of the crop, on which we want to better its productivity. With that we obtain and determine the causes with which the specie is having an unsuitable behaviour for our Target.


The vegetal physiology allows us to access to the causes which provoke the lack of productivity. From this conclusion, we open the biotechnological lines of investigation to try to influence the keys factors of success of the crop. 


The investigation as it is well-known, marks the beginning of the project although sometimes the success of the objective remains determined by many intrinsic and extrinsic factors which condition the achievement of the success.


In the present and future agriculture, the crops have to be manipulated avoiding the its fall or the fall of situations of inadequate aptitudes which provoke the diminution of production and quality.



In EDYPRO we are specialist in Plant Physiology, study and analyze the evolution and behaviour of each specie to obtain increment in production and the highest quality in Zero Waste Agriculture or Organic Farming