Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Thepersimmonis a culture wherethemostimportantperiod of fatteningoccurs in August. Thefruit´senlargementgoessequentially and independently of thenumber of themthatthetree has; thatis, we can have a treewith a light cargo of fruit and yetendwithinadequatesize of thefruits. Thisisbecausethetreeinstead of accumulating reserves in fruitintendedthese reserves to otherpurposes.

Persimmoncultivation has a highprofitabilityifhigh calibres and tightfruits of goodconsistency are obtainedwhichallowsthem a longlife post-harvest.

Persimmons of ourcustomers are beginning to getsize and it's time to helpthem to achieve the proper caliber.

1. Wellwith SUPER ENGORDE CAQUI applied in twocontributionsviaradicular as in thefarmshowed in thefollowingimages:


2. Or as in this case a fieldwithtraditionalsurface (flood) irrigation (without localized irrigation lines), with several consecutive applications MADUR FRUIT FOLIAR.




Farmer, it's the time to ensure the caliber and maximum profitability.